About Us

Starting of a local Medicine ball manufacturing unit by two brothers in 1995 became the foundaon of Goharvi Sports With the passage of me, learnings turned into knowledge and experience in 2001 Goharvi Sports started making Medicine balls for foreign clients directly This was a turning point which led Goharvi to where it is now


Innovaon and diversificaon being at the core of Goharvi's culture, a strong need was felt in 2003 for a Research & Development laboratory with the latest equipment for assuring connuous innovaon and be major addion was made in Goharvi's porolio and it's management Goharvi's strategic team analyzed a great room for Fitnessin


the market and that's when a specialized manufacturing unit for sportswear with latest machinery and tools was set up by Goharvi.


Later on in 2017, second generaon of family entered into business and a good market potenal for fitness items was accessed Goharvi proudly launched its own Fitness unit with the necessary equipment Today Goharvi is supplying numerous fitness items to different countries and brands around the globe.


Today Goharvi Sports serves some of the leading brands of soccer balls, sportswear and fitness items. With growing demand and specializaon a need for capable and technical staff was felt. Goharvi is pleased to say that it's family has grown to become as large as 200 in house employees and almost 1500 stchers who work for Goharvi Sports in Goharvi's designated stching centers


The vision of Goharvi's founders and the culture inherited is to sustainably grow the business operaons by crically analyzing market gaps and fulfill these gaps. Customer service is adopted as the basic norm and sasfying the customers' needs are priorized.


To priorize the customers and provide them with best possible service Goharvi has divided it's operaons in 2 Sub-units i.e.


Goharvi Sports for Soccer balls, Medicine Ball & Fitness Accessories



Goharvi Sports wear for Sportswear




Goharvi aims to achieve 100 percent customer sasfacon and strongly believes in a "no-compromise in quality policy.


Throughout this journey Goharvi was koen to comply with all the necessary cerficaons to further endorse its experse and has been Privileged to be cerfied for